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It is our mission to provide our
clients with well-informed,
vigorous representation.

The courtroom can be an intimidating place, and we assure our clients are confident in the process. From speeding citations to serious felony charges, Duffy Defense is ready, willing, and prepared to work for you — we are only a phone call away.

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Duffy Defense was founded with one thing in mind, the client. Founder Alec Duffy grew up in a small town where access to attorneys was limited. The number of cases outpaced the means of the public defender, and private attorneys were few and far between. This backlog served to impact one class of people — the criminal defendant. But this is not just a small town phenomena that happened years ago.

It is a current issue to communities all around the country. With limited time, defendants are unable to make informed decisions about their cases, and attorneys are unable to properly review the State’s evidence to file motions or negotiate resolution. In other words, backlog in the public system did not serve to benefit the defendant.

But backlog does not only exist in the public sphere. Many private law firms experience this as well — growing beyond their means. The difference is, a private attorney has the power to control their work flow, the power to prevent backlog.

Here at Duffy Defense, we manage a smaller amount of cases to assure our clients get the attention they deserve. We truly believe in accessible representation. Meaning, the client should have direct access to their attorney. We do not screen your calls. We do not direct our clients through paralegals or office assistants. We provide direct and accessible representation — guaranteed.

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“Far too often, an attorney forgets the intimidating nature of the courtroom. Exposure will do that — toughen the skin. But it is important to keep in mind what really matters. That is, assuring the client is as comfortable as you are.

As an attorney, I am well familiar with the process. Even with novel issues, a knowledgeable colleague is always willing to lend an ear and share in their expertise.

But the client is not afforded a law degree. And they do not have a laundry list of legal minds to bounce ideas off of.

They have us.

We operate as the eyes that guide them through this trying time in their life. Help them see. Be available.
Be compassionate.”

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–  Alec M. Duffy, Attorney, Founder