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Understanding Expungement in Minnesota

Expungement is the legal process of sealing or removing certain criminal records from public view. In Minnesota, expungement can help individuals with criminal histories improve their employment prospects, housing opportunities, and overall quality of life. Not all criminal records are eligible for the expungement process.

To be eligible for expungement in Minnesota, the petitioning person must meet particular requirements, including:

  • Any pending actions were resolved in the petitioner’s favor.
  • The petitioner successfully completed all the terms of any diversion program and hasn’t been charged with a new crime within a year of that completion.
  • The petitioner was convicted of a misdemeanor or petty misdemeanor and wasn’t convicted of a new crime for two years since the sentence was served.
  • The petitioner has a gross misdemeanor conviction and wasn’t convicted of a new crime for three years since the sentence was served.
  • Certain felony offenses have always been expungable, at least after a five-year waiting period after release from probation. However, the Minnesota Legislature amended those rules in 2023– creating an avenue for expungement in a plethora of felony cases.

The Expungement Process

To pursue expungement in Minnesota, you must file a petition with the court in the county where the offense occurred. The petition must include:

  • Your personal information and criminal history
  • The specific records you are seeking to expunge
  • The reasons why you believe expungement is appropriate in your case
  • An Affidavit of Service
  • Get a hearing date from a Court Clerk and include it on the petition
  • File your petition
  • Serve the agencies listed on your Affidavit with copies of your petition

On the hearing date, the judge will consider the evidence and arguments presented and decide whether to grant the expungement.

If the judge grants your expungement petition, the court will issue an order sealing or removing the specified records from public view. However, expunged records may still be accessible to certain government agencies and could be considered in some employment or licensing decisions.

Restoring Gun Rights in Minnesota

If a criminal conviction has cost you your firearm rights, you may be eligible to have those rights restored under Minnesota law. However, the process of gun rights restoration is not easy. You need knowledge of both criminal law and Minnesota gun laws.

In general, people convicted of a felony or certain domestic violence offenses cannot possess firearms under both state and federal law. It is important that a person seeking restoration of firearms rights DOES NOT expunge their record prior to their application. Expungement prior to firearms restoration makes it difficult, in fact nearly impossible, for a subsequent court to analyze the following factors pertinent to restoration:

  • The nature and severity of your criminal offense
  • The amount of time that has passed since your conviction or completion of your sentence
  • Your criminal history and any efforts at rehabilitation
  • The reasons why you are seeking to restore your firearm rights
  • Any potential risk to public safety

If the court grants your petition, you will regain your right to possess firearms under Minnesota law. However, it’s important to note that federal law may still restrict your ability to possess firearms in some circumstances – such as domestic assault convictions. In those instances, a pardon by the governor is the only way to secure your firearms restoration.

Working with an experienced gun rights restoration attorney can help you navigate the process and increase your chances of success.

The Benefits of Expungement and Gun Rights Restoration

Successfully obtaining an expungement or restoring your firearm rights can profoundly impact your life. Some of the potential benefits of an expungement include:

  • Improved employment prospects, as many employers conduct background checks and may be hesitant to hire individuals with criminal records
  • Increased housing opportunities, as landlords often screen tenants for criminal histories
  • The ability to pursue higher education or professional licensing without the stigma of a criminal record
  • Restored rights and privileges, such as the right to vote, serve on a jury, or hold public office

At Duffy Defense, PLLC, we understand the importance of these benefits and are committed to helping our clients achieve them through skilled legal representation.

Choosing the Right Expungement and Gun Rights Restoration Attorney

Finding an attorney to represent you in an expungement or gun rights restoration case requires looking for a lawyer with experience in these types of cases. Finding the right lawyer requires careful evaluation. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Experience handling Minnesota expungement and gun rights restoration cases
  • Knowledge of Minnesota criminal law and gun laws
  • A track record of success in achieving positive outcomes for clients
  • Availability for legal consultation and communication throughout the process
  • A compassionate and non-judgmental approach to client representation

At Duffy Defense, PLLC, our team possesses the experience and determination necessary to provide quality legal representation in expungement and gun rights restoration cases. We offer personalized attention and skilled firearm rights advocacy to protect our clients’ rights and help them move forward.

The Importance of a Strong Attorney-Client Relationship

Successfully managing the expungement or gun rights restoration process requires open and honest communication between attorney and client. At Duffy Defense, PLLC, we build strong, trusting relationships with our clients based on the following principles:

  • Confidentiality: We understand the sensitive nature of criminal cases and maintain the highest standards of confidentiality to protect our clients’ privacy and legal interests.
  • Communication: We provide regular updates on case progress for our clients, and we promptly respond to questions and concerns.
  • Empathy: We approach each case with compassion and understanding, recognizing our clients’ stress and challenges and providing emotional support throughout the process.
  • Collaboration: We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals so that we can develop personalized legal strategies.

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