A DWI charge in St. Paul, or anywhere in Minnesota, carries significant legal repercussions. For a comprehensive defense strategy, securing the counsel of an experienced DWI attorney is essential. If you or a loved one were arrested for or charged with driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence, you need to know how to protect your rights and what the potential consequences of a conviction could be.

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Understanding DWI/DUI Laws in Minnesota

In Minnesota, driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) are serious criminal offenses that carry significant penalties. A person can be charged with DWI/DUI if they operate a motor moving vehicle or control a parked vehicle while:

  • Having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher (0.04% for commercial drivers)
  • Having any amount of a Schedule I or II controlled substance in their body
  • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a hazardous substance

The legal limit for BAC is lower for drivers under 21 years of age (0.00%) and commercial drivers (0.04%).

Consequences of a DWI/DUI Conviction

The penalties for a DWI/DUI conviction in Minnesota depend on various factors, including the driver’s BAC, prior offenses, and the presence of aggravating factors, such as having a child in the vehicle or causing injury or death to others. Some DWIs are felonies. Potential consequences may include:

  • Jail time: Even a first-time DWI/DUI offense can result in up to 90 days in jail, while subsequent offenses carry longer jail sentences.
  • Fines: DWI/DUI convictions often come with substantial fines. Those fines range from $1,000 for a first offense to $14,000 for a fourth or subsequent offense.
  • License revocation: A DWI/DUI conviction typically leads to the revocation of the offender’s driver’s license for 30 days to 6 years, depending on prior convictions and the severity of the offense.
  • Ignition interlock device: The court may require that an ignition interlock device be installed on the vehicle, which prevents it from starting if the driver’s BAC is above a certain level.
  • Probation: A DWI/DUI conviction may result in a probationary sentence involving strict conditions and regular check-ins with a probation officer.
  • Vehicle forfeiture: In some cases, a DWI/DUI conviction can result in the forfeiture of the vehicle the offender was driving.
  • Increased insurance rates: A DWI/DUI conviction can significantly increase car insurance premiums, adding to the financial burden of the offense.

The Importance of a Strong DWI/DUI Defense

When facing DWI criminal charges, having a strong defense is essential. An experienced DUI-DWI lawyer can investigate the arrest’s circumstances, challenge the evidence where possible, and create a strategy to protect your freedom and your rights. Some common defense strategies in DWI/DUI cases are:

  • The traffic stop was invalid: If probable cause didn’t exist and the police stopped your vehicle anyway, you can suppress any evidence obtained during the stop.
  • The field sobriety tests were inaccurate: Field sobriety tests are often subjective, and factors such as medical conditions, footwear, or road conditions can affect results. A skilled attorney might be able to challenge the validity of these tests. Attorney Alec Duffy is one of the few attorneys in Minnesota who has successfully completed the NHTSA Field Sobriety Test Training – the same training administered to police officers in Minnesota. This can enhance his credibility in court, potentially persuading the judge or jury to give greater weight to his arguments challenging the test results.
  • The BAC results were unreliable: Breathalyzer and blood test results can be impacted by improper calibration of the machine, improper administration, or improper storage of samples. An attorney can challenge the reliability of these tests and work to suppress the results.
  • Reduced charges are appropriate: In some cases, a lawyer could negotiate with the prosecution to reduce or minimize the penalties or reduce the charges, such as securing a limited license that allows the accused to drive to work or school during the revocation period.

Building a strong DWI/DUI defense requires a thorough understanding of Minnesota’s DWI/DUI laws and the ability to apply that knowledge to the unique facts of your case. A skilled DUI-DWI attorney will identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and develop a compelling strategy to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome.

Choosing the Right DWI/DUI Attorney

When selecting a DWI attorney in Minnesota, choosing someone with the experience, knowledge, and dedication necessary to defend your case effectively is crucial. Consider the following factors when evaluating potential attorneys:

  • Track record of success: You need an attorney with a history of positive outcomes in DWI/DUI cases. Their past successes indicate their ability to build strong defenses and secure favorable results.
  • Knowledge of Minnesota DWI/DUI law: DWI/DUI laws can be complicated, so your attorney needs a deep understanding of the relevant Minnesota statutes, case law, and sentencing guidelines.
  • Compassionate approach: Facing DUI charges is frightening. Your attorney should be compassionate and respectful, and you should feel comfortable sharing your story with them.
  • Clear communication:Your attorney is your gateway to all the information you need about your case, and they should advise you about any progress, explain your options in plain language, and be available to answer your questions.
  • Accessibility and responsiveness: You’ll know you have the right attorney if you feel confident that you’ll be able to reach them when you want to and that they’ll get back to you quickly if you have concerns.

At Duffy Defense, PLLC, we work hard to provide high-quality legal services to our clients who are facing DWI/DUI charges. Our experienced Minnesota DUI lawyer has the experience, knowledge, and determination necessary to build a robust defense on your behalf.

The Importance of Early Intervention

If you’re facing DWI/DUI charges, it’s crucial to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. The earlier you hire a DUI-DWI lawyer, the more time they have to investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest, gather evidence, and develop a robust defense strategy. Additionally, your attorney can protect your rights throughout the process.

In some cases, early intervention by a skilled DUI-DWI attorney can help minimize the consequences of a DWI/DUI charge. For example, your attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal that reduces the charges or penalties, or they may help you secure a limited license that allows you to continue driving to work or school during the license revocation period.

The Duffy Defense Difference

At Duffy Defense, PLLC, we know the stakes are high in DWI/DUI cases, and we are determined to give our clients the skilled legal representation they need. We will listen to your story, explain your options, and figure out the defense strategy that will bring the most favorable conclusion in your situation.

Our team recognizes the profound impact that criminal charges can have on our clients’ lives. We’ll provide a supportive environment where you can feel confident in your defense and optimistic about your future.

If you or a loved one is facing DWI/DUI charges in St. Paul, or anywhere in Minnesota, don’t try to face it alone. The experienced DUI-DWI attorney at Duffy Defense, PLLC, can support you with skilled legal representation, criminal defense, and the unwavering compassion you need during this difficult time.

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