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Roseville is a Minneapolis suburb located seven miles northeast of the city, a 15-minute drive away from the downtown Minneapolis area. This suburban community in Ramsey County boasts a population of 36,672. Roseville is home to popular shopping destinations, including Rosedale Center and HarMar Mall. The city is also the headquarters for the Minnesota Lottery and the Minnesota Department of Education.

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North St. Paul

North St. Paul is northeast of the city of St. Paul. This Ramsey County city has a population of 12,634. It’s a 16-minute drive away from downtown St. Paul, accessible by taking Interstate 35E north and then heading east on Highway 36. Entering the city from Highway 36, visitors might recognize the well-known North St. Paul Snowman statue, a 20-ton local landmark.

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Mounds View

Mounds View is 12 miles northeast of Minneapolis, accessible by a 22-minute drive north along I-35W. The city is home to a population of 13,249. Mounds View is primarily a residential area, but it also has Sysco Distributing and a variety of local businesses.

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White Bear Lake

White Bear Lake is located roughly 21 miles northeast of Minneapolis, a 39-minute drive away from downtown. It is mostly in Ramsey County, but parts cross over into Washington County. The city is home to the largest lake in the Minneapolis area, White Bear Lake. Smarte Carte, a leading provider of airport baggage carts, is headquartered in White Bear Lake, along with facilities for International Paper and Magnepan. White Bear Lake has a population of 24,883 and is the hometown of several well-known athletes and politicians.

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New Brighton

New Brighton, Minnesota, is located 11 miles northeast of Minneapolis in Ramsey County. It’s accessible via a 24-minute drive along I-94 and I-694. New Brighton has a population of 23,454. The residential city is home to 13 parks and Brightwood Hills Golf Course.

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Shoreview is a short 22-minute drive away from metro Minneapolis. The city is considered to be a second-ring suburb of St. Paul. Shoreview is home to nine city parks and three county parks. Located in Ramsey County, the city has a population of 26,921 and has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Minnesota.

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Arden Hills

Arden Hills sits just nine miles northeast of downtown Minneapolis. The small city is best known as the site of Bethel University and its seminary, but it also serves as headquarters to Land O’Lakes. The University of Northwestern St. Paul falls partially within Arden Hills. Arden Hills is in Ramsey County and has a small population of 9,939.

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The City of Minneapolis is Minnesota’s largest city, boasting a population of 425,096 at the last census. The “city of lakes’ is well-known for its beautiful lakes and cultural diversity. It is home to a variety of colleges, museums, professional sports teams, businesses, and an international airport.

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Bloomington is located 10 miles north of Minneapolis. It’s accessible via a 28-minute drive along Interstate 35W. Bloomington sits in Hennepin County and has a population of 89,987, making it the fourth-largest city in the state of Minnesota. Bloomington is best known as the site of the Mall of America, a giant mall that gives the city a higher rate of per-capita jobs than Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park sits 10 miles northwest of Minneapolis in Hennepin County. As the state’s sixth-largest city, it has a population of 86,478. Brooklyn Park can be reached by an 18-minute drive along I-94 and I-694. The city is known for its outdoor recreation, with 67 parks and 47 miles of trails.

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A 30-minute drive from Minneapolis along Highway 55 leads to Plymouth, MN. The Hennepin County city has a population of 81,026. Plymouth has Minnesota’s fourth-largest economy and is home to Medicine Lake, the county’s second-largest lake.

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